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CTC Teleservices

Right from the start, you'll notice there's something different about CTC TeleServices.

Our highly experienced team and cutting edge technology make the difference. We take a no-nonsense approach to every client relationship and provide you with industry leading results!

Our clients attribute the success of their programs to CTC's responsiveness, creativity and meticulous attention to quality.

In order to keep in touch with your program, CTC provides a variety of customized reports and data return. We understand that competitive program results and reaching your target audience are paramount. The company you choose to handle your telemarketing and research needs should reflect that importance. Choose CTC and see the difference real service can make to you and to your customers.


Our Team


Guy Scarpelli
Phone: 815-748-4200 x106

Guy Scarpelli is the President of CTC Teleservices.  Guy is a veteran in the Call Center Industry building relationships for over 33 years.  Guy has a robust resume of the clients he has served in this Industry.  There is no campaign too big or too small and his determination has kept the company going strong through the many challenges in the call center business.   This “CTC PRES” has a drive for success as well as spending as much time as he can on the golf course.


Diane Scarpelli
VP Finances


Karl Babcock
I.T. Manager
Phone: 815-748-4200 x108

Karl Babcock is the IT Manager for CTC Teleservices.  Karl is responsible for managing all technical functions for the company.  Karl has over 15 years of making client visions become reality through his determination to concur any challenges.  Karl has given CTC a superior reputation in the industry for his data expertise.


Ginger Kerwin
Director of Client Services
Phone: 815-748-4200 x103

Ginger Kerwin is Director of Client Services for CTC Teleservices.  Ginger has been with CTC in multiple rolls for 20 plus years.  Her experience and understanding of the unique requirements of each client along with a deep passion for meeting and exceeding client expectations has given CTC longevity with their client relationships.


Joe Scarpelli
Senior Account Manager
Phone: 815-748-4200 x105

Joe Scarpelli is Senior Account Manager for CTC Teleservices with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Over the last 7 years, Joe has added a level of expertise to CTC with his detail-oriented approach and visions beyond the normal day to day call center endeavors.  Joe is also very technical savvy which adds an in-depth perception for accomplishing successful campaigns.


Wendy Scarpelli
Information Technology
Phone: 815-748-4200 x114


Melissa Perkins
Operations Manager
Phone: 815-748-4200 x109

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